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Inferno Challenge!: Pazza Bistro, Gainesville, FL

Mike Davis was in town on wednesday and convinced me I needed to ride up with him to Gainesville, FL, to take on the Inferno Challenge at Pazza Bistro.  The challenge is to eat a medium size Inferno Pizza (8 normal sized slices) in 20 minutes with no napkins, and only two cups of water.  Bathroom breaks and throwing up were grounds for disqualification.  I had to sign a waiver before I began that said I acknowledge the risks involved, the worst being death.  As the name of the pizza implies (inferno), this thing is HOT!  And by hot I don’t mean drizzle some tabasco sauce on your eggs, I mean swallowing a burning battery and then chasing it with some pure alcohol with a pinch of nitroglycerin.  It contains many habeneros and “ghost chili” peppers among others.  A few days earlier Mike’s friend Eddie took on the challenge and got through a whopping one bite before calling it quits.  I ended up being able to eat 4 slices (half of the pizza) before my body refused to let me eat any more.  While milk calmed my mouth down eventually, (provided to me after I admitted defeat) my stomach seared until I fell asleep.  Thanks to Pazza Bistro to providing a food item that was finally hot enough for my senses!  The links below show my effort in its entirety.  Rated ‘R’ for language!  (Sorry, but I felt like I was dying at the time, heh.)

Part 1

Part 2

Shore Lanes – Loschetter

I need to find a way to warm up faster in the morning.  All too common it’s not ’til after the lunch break that I start bowling well.  I’m just too stiff early on.  Also, WTF is up with my spare shooting lately?  What used to be my forte is now working against me.  I came back on Sunday to watch my friend Adam bowl where I ended up subbing in for DiMeglio who withdrew.  Bowled pretty well, went 4-2, not enough for a come back though.  To bowl Jimmy Keeth or not?  That is the question.


Aligning widget CSS to the page’s CSS is proving to be difficult!  Augh.  I’m pretty happy with this layout though.

First Post!

Finally purchased my name domain and I’m pretty excited about it!.  Now I’m tinkering around with themes for my personal site.  Hopefully I’ll keep this up.